Love, Freelanced

Amidst the wedding wave lies a world of broken experiences as a contemporary undertakes a heartfelt venture.

I exhibit my pros and cons,

Since flambouyant honesty is the modest trend.

Deception is an innate feature,

Welcome to the la la land.


E-goodbyes lack the finesse,

‘This user has been blocked’, the screen displayed.

The bandaged heart denies new access,

Another broken soul joins the brigade.


Days pass, the modern peacock regains strength,

Wounds healed, hunts for a new paradise.

Spirits booming with radiant smiles,

Your ex has pooled an Uber ride!


Honesty leveraged, Utopia compromised,

Trust destroyed, Infidelity normalised.

‘Romance’- an idyllic genre,

By e-lovers or freelanced ties?


#postaday #contemporarylove #e-love #dating

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