A Thundering Pause

The Delhi Sun had suddenly acquired a new quality about itself- instead of burning skin, it began radiating warmth through its presence for a few hours everyday. But that has always been the best thing about changing seasons. The winter sun seems to be the most beautiful blessing one could ask for in a city that thrives on exponential smog rain.

Doing work and necessary chores of the vicious routine, the breaks in between allowed me to soak up the love offered by that glorious yellow ball. It rejuvenated in me that freshened energy to carry out my activities with a similar force.

Morning became evening as the night nearly knocked at my day just as I heard something else. It was a sound, very unusual for that part of the year, resounding a change. Several sounds followed that change. I ran outside to make sense of what I was hearing.

The Pause

It had grown dark and the air had begun to feel a strange sweet, a welcoming pause. I looked around my garden to see the reflection of my feelings resonating in their green gestures. The thunders had started to make an announcing melody with the lightning. It had started to rain.

Everything had come to a stand still, a pause. My thoughts were bustling with a renewed sense of being. I loved that pause.

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