When WhatsApp asked Instagram out

If we were to imagine ‘WhatsApp’ as a guy and ‘Instagram’ as a girl who have been gradually conquering the entire world, what would a conversation between the two look like? Or more so, what would happen if they start having feelings for each other?

Lately, I have been getting a feeling that there is some kind of unspoken love hovering between them. They had only been enjoying their childhood that the mighty adolescence hit them. Been in hospital for five days now, Facebook took care of their discharge process. Meanwhile, both secretly updated themselves with the best filters they could put on and called a ride back home.

Ummm.. You do clean up well!.. Given the little time we had to sneak out” remarked I. G. Thinking he should not ruin the mood by launching the ‘guys don’t need more than two mins to get ready’ missile, he settled with a shy smile on his face. She was definitely nailing the Juno look. There was no need to make the obvious compliment.

Of Course, she came from an influential family, she was quite aware about it. She never had any shortage of the ‘memes‘ and the ‘moments‘… the shreds of reality in her wardrobe. Yet, she could never find solace. Perhaps, too many ‘stories’ had been the reason behind her sudden collapse last week. She knew people would point fingers at her and try to report her even at one tiny glitch.

Here, W. A was busy hiding the last screenshot that his friends had shared. ‘Ask her out‘ had been bolded in one of those. He lifted up his face only to find her lost in some distant thoughts. He couldn’t even see if her eyes were open or the moon was snapping her face to take a story-poll on beauty.

He realised she had dozed off. Perhaps, the hormonal rush was tiring them out. They slept for the remaining journey. Oblivious to her thoughts, he admired the way she dealt with all her followers regardless of the endless requests of accepting and denying proposals.

The driver hit the brakes. Both of them found themselves awake… in the simulated reality. Both regretted the time they had lost in sleeping but the faces successfully dodged the moment to reflect that.

It was almost midnight when I. G got off and waved with a wink. The ride took off.

She turned towards the staircase leading to her apartment and began climbing with dizzy steps. Suddenly, she stopped. Her heart was tapping furiously.

There was a new follower.

(To be continued…)

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