A Human Soliloquy

It was dark and stingy,
As I strained to get a sniff.
I hope you are imagining a dark forest,
‘Cause the path wasn’t certainly well lit.

Was it raining heavily?
Or was I catching the tears of heaven?
Was I really the lone traveller ?
Or could it be a dead end?

Resist your emotions! ” exclaimed a leader,
Or you’ll be called a fool.
Prioritise yourself! ” echoed an aspirant,
Or you’ll loose the race.
Curfew your taste buds!” ordered a fitness trainer,
Or you’ll become a ball of meaningless wool.
Don’t help too much!” remarked a passerby,
Or they will match your pace.

Am I too human?, thought I,
Or has the world lost its humanity?
What is being human?, rampaged I,
If it is not for feeling sensations, expressing thoughts, and intellectual charity!

#thoughts #life #mazeofquestions #humanasabeing #beingasahuman #quest #search #discover #ideas

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