Rapunzel of the 21st

The long hair enchanted many eyes,
Many more hearts beat like waves,
The rhythm of her body was quiet unlike the city,
Deceived everyone, left them in a haze.

Sensitive to the sound of every thought,
Jumped into a maze of her own while you talk,
Soon was lost the thread of sentences,
Silence made more conversation as they walked.

“How was your day?” was something she asked,
But the unfamiliar language was devoid of words,
The man across the street gave her a smile,
But “I’m fine.” is what she heard.

The vicious cycle of ‘hmms’ and ‘mm hmms’
Is what followed next,
As she made preparations to perform the language she loved,
‘Healing’ is what she called the art form was,
‘See you later’, she typed as she entered the curve.

The song of her feet began,
As the lights turned dim,
“shhhh, keep quiet!”, the lovers in the audience screamed,
The Rapunzel of the 21st had entered the scene.

#girlinthecity #beauty #dance #loveforart

#citylove #loversinthecity #unspokenwords


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