Her Harmony

The practices had multiplied manifold, Yet the feet yearned to live the rhythm each night, It was no longer a mere crush, It was more than love at first sight.   'Lose yourself and discovery shall ensue', Echoed her brain cells in a saintly fashion, As she breathed fresh and lived anew, The queue of... Continue Reading →

Love, Freelanced

Amidst the wedding wave lies a world of broken experiences as a contemporary undertakes a heartfelt venture. I exhibit my pros and cons, Since flambouyant honesty is the modest trend. Deception is an innate feature, Welcome to the la la land.   E-goodbyes lack the finesse, 'This user has been blocked', the screen displayed. The... Continue Reading →

As I resonate with nature

As they walked past me,The humans and the inhumane.Sometimes I shone,Other times they hid me.I kept bathing myself,Under the occasional showerof hopes and sunshine,Determined to unravel,the unseen colorsat the appropriate time.Seasons of demoralisation,Gave company to hailstorms of failure.Feeding on the remnants,of self-belief and endangered success,I found myself resonating with nature.Gradually I picked up strength,From the... Continue Reading →

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Poems and Short Stories

Poetry, Fiction, and Various Creative Writng, by Sanya Walma


the act of naming things


Merciless ramblings telling thespian anecdotes through my storybook of musings

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